Handmade Developing

Color films are all processed using Jobo tanks and the freshest Fuji C41 chemistry. For Black and White film we use Kodak D76. They have their own set of Jobo tanks and we guarantee that your film will be in fresh chemicals everytime. We never use the same chemicals twice. E6 coming soon.

Digital Scanning

Here at Farney’s Film Lab we use DSLR Scanning to precisely capture your film in full detail. With Negative Supply’s Scanning System we are able to provide you with high resolution images, converted and color corrected. If you are a hybrid artist, we can give you tiff files so that you have the option to edit post development.

How to send us your film

Order Online. Add rolls separately if each roll has different options.

Package your film. Label and separate film with different needs (ex. push + pull) in separate ziplock bags.

Mail to Where's Farney. PO Box 538, Terrell, NC 28682